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Isn’t it nice when inspiration, expertise and hard work delivers brilliant results for you?

Since 1984, Stagestruck has been delivering world-class events, experiences and communications for global blue-chip brands. From AGMs to product launches; from leadership events to exhibitions; we work hard to help our clients.

Based in both rural Hertfordshire and Central London, and operating around the world, we have 83 full-time experts with over 1000 years’ experience across a multitude of events, experiences and communications.

We’re ambitious, take great pride in what we do, and how we do it. This means we’re focused on helping our clients with clever, inspired, balanced and insightful thinking to develop ideas that ultimately change the way people feel, think and behave.

From strategy development to concepts; from production management to creating physical environments, films and technology, we have the dedication, expertise and imagination to supercharge your brand experiences, events and communications.


Fundamentally, we’re here to help your business. And at Stagestruck we take your brief from objectives to results.

Ideas are pointless if you can’t execute them, brilliantly. To do this, we have a diverse set of skills that we unite to develop ideas that supercharge yours. From strategic thinking and concept development, to physically building environments, we marry expansive and reductive thinking, optimism and realism, to develop ideas and concepts that are viable solutions.


Our strategy and communications team are skilled in dissecting a brief to really get under the skin of what you’re trying to achieve.

Understanding both the message and the audience, they can help create the right event solution, informing environment design and communications across various platforms from traditional print media to innovative technology solutions.


Our team of account managers, producers, event managers, logistics experts and project managers are the key point of contact for our clients.

Working closely with our internal departments, venues and external suppliers, the team manage the creation and delivery of every element of a live event.

We appreciate there are a million things that make a successful event. Some big, some small, and every member of the team is focused on the detail, ensuring no part is overlooked and the project is delivered safely, on schedule and within budget.


Our design team focus on the look and feel of the events we produce. From event branding and collateral to environmental design, every element of an event is approached in a creative way to ensure a redline thread runs through each element.

Working closely with the producers and content team, from initial brainstorms and sketches, they work in 2D/3D design and CAD packages to produce visuals, plans and artwork to support a project.

With the technical and construction services in house, every design is subject to a reality check which ensures the delivery of a concept is practical and fits within a given budget.

The designers are brand compliance experts and ensure continuity across all event design and delivery elements.


This is where the Stagestruck story started over 30 years ago and is the backbone to our event delivery.

Our well invested stock of technical equipment is supported by a team of experts in technical production.

The stock of video, projection, audio and lighting equipment is maintained to the highest of standards and every system is designed with backups for built-in risk reduction.

Our stock is supported by carefully selected suppliers of specialist equipment to give our clients a fit for purpose solution.

Health and safety management is an essential part of our onsite team's training and is paramount in the Stagestruck production story.


These guys love a challenge; if we can dream it they can build it.

From completely immersive environments to complex small scale projects, the set crew take great pride in the quality of everything they produce.

Using an ever growing inventory of stock elements and furniture, or by creating bespoke items, our team of carpenters and set finishers work closely with the design and technical teams to create fitting environments that support the event brand and theme.

Sustainable and environmental considerations are paramount to us, and we work hard to create minimal waste and maximum re-use.


Our digital and video production service sits alongside our content team with a focus on creating exceptional video stories.

From initial conception and storyboarding through to filming, animations and editing, the team deliver a complete digital and video service. Our team of producers, camera crews and editors are experts in bringing to life messages, products and processes in a visual format.

Our digital developers are experts in transforming your messaging in a variety of digital platforms; from customer online portals to the latest VR interactive applications. They will drive audience engagement pre, during and post-event, or through standalone campaigns.


Across experiences, events and communications we deliver a wide portfolio of exciting work for our clients including product launches, exhibition stands, brand experiences, social media content, live events, leadership meetings, videos and animations, conferences and plenty of confidential events we wish we could tell you about. Here is a selection of recent projects, please get in touch to find out more.


We’d love to hear from you. Whether you have a project you’d like to discuss, want a point of view on something or are passing by and fancy a cup of tea, you can find us here:

  • +44 (0) 1763 848 011
  • info@stagestruck.com
  • Head Office:
    Flint Hall, Anstey,
    Hertfordshire SG9 0DN
  • London Office:
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