What makes us, us

Bringing imagination and passion
to everything we do.

We are creative problem solvers. Our imagination drives and unites us. It is what our clients love most about us. By bringing our expertise and passion to their teams, we build amazing relationships and make brilliant things happen.

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Our brand values

These are the things that go to the heart of what makes Stagestruck.

It’s why we have such an incredibly talented and friendly group of people working here. It’s why our work is delivered to the highest standards and it’s why our clients keep coming back to us, year after year.

We are genuinely integrated.
We are creative problem solvers.
We are unapologetically detailed.
No egos, just passion.

We are genuinely integrated.

When we say we're integrated we really mean it. From our base in Hertfordshire, we have everything under one roof.

Our digital and content department is next door to our technical and production teams. Our creatives have lunch with our scenic carpenters. This unique set-up means we are unrivalled when it comes to seamless collaboration and exceptional delivery.

We are creative problem solvers.

The one thing our clients love most about us is that we always find a solution to whatever is thrown at us.

With such a broad range of specialists at our disposal, there is always an expert on hand to help solve the most challenging and complex problems.

We are unapologetically detailed.

When it comes to quality of execution, we are meticulous, we plan for all eventualities, we have back-ups for our back-ups and personally check every detail.

This approach has been at the heart of Stagestruck since its beginnings as noted by one of our founders, Liz Bagnall “a million little things make an event”.

No egos, just passion.

We combine infectious enthusiasm with a reassuringly professional approach.

We pride ourselves on being a joy to work with. Many of our clients comment on how we are not just suppliers but trusted partners and how we make them feel part of our team.

Our behaviours

Our 6 behaviours are different to our 4 brand values. Our behaviours define us. They are not optional or aspirational, they are expected and underpin everything we do.

Excellence in everything we do.
Creativity from everybody in the company.
Safety comes first, for our team, our clients, our audiences and the public.
Agility in the way we work and react.
Sustainability in every way possible.
Respect for our colleagues, our clients and people of all walks of life.

A greener future

Sustainability isn’t optional at Stagestruck, it’s imperative.

We’re fully aware of our responsibility to the events industry to drive change and commit to making events as sustainable as possible. Sustainability & Environmental Impact aren’t boxes we tick they are part of Stagestruck’s culture.

We strive for sustainability and constantly question the way we do things in order to be environmental leaders, adhering to ISO 14001 and ISO 20121.

We recently achieved silver medal status through Eco Vadis vetting, and always incorporate these principles into our proposals.

Sustainability Policy

est. 1984 Stagestruck's
origin story.

“Stagestruck was born from a desire to push the boundaries of technology and have fun! Money was never the main driver, we just loved what we were doing. It was this passion for innovative and creative solutions that delighted our clients and spurred us on."

Paul Finch, Managing Director

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Our culture

We are a people-first business that inspires and respects each other. Our founding belief was to push boundaries and have fun, and we stay true to that belief today. Since day one we have been delighting our clients with our imagination, passion and meticulous attention to detail. But what our clients love most; is that we never, ever, let them down.

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